Product Information Library

What It Means


Having consistent and uniformed product information stored will allow for a single place to view all your information, making distributing your product information agile and efficient.

The amount of data businesses collect and store has been rapidly increasing, creating a need for more efficient ways to manage the product information allowing for the data to be consumed by many other platforms at the same time. Your central repository of product data, will be a collection of stored data fetched from your ERP / databases, merged into one  source. This single library allows you and us to analyse, update and maintain your data. We can integrate your library via our system into your ERP so that as you make updates, the information is passed back to us allowing us to manage your product library efficiently and accurately.


What We Do


We will work with your IT and data analyst teams for an extract of your Product data.

Once we have the extract, we can analyse your product data. We will report back on the integrity of your data, and highlight where there are gaps in your information. By working closely with you, we ensure consistency and uniformity of your data in both the library and in its catalogue display. While we are busy normalising your data, we will work with you to define the rules of how you would like your data consumed by your customers and the various channels. With every update you make to your data, we will create an easy to view exception report, which we will send to your data management teams to assess. The outcome being, that they have a clear report of required information, which they can supply to us to update your Product information Library. We will also highlight any data queries  that your customers bring to our attention as a matter of priority.