Product Information Distribution

What It Means


The need to distribute data to customers, suppliers, consumers, portals, other publications and systems simultaneously on electronic channels is increasing.

It means that data needs to be presented in an appealing way for a better online experience in mobile apps,  e-commerce websites and print and digital catalogues. The distribution of data is done through an API (Application Programming Environment) and can be  pushed (from your product information library to your ERP) and pulled from your ERP or our API directly into your platform i.e. website. Your data extract can also be stored for you on a FTP (File Transfer Protocol) environment, where you can download it and share it in its excel / CSV format as a manual solution, if your customer does not have an automated environment.


What We Do


We will work with your marketing and technical teams to understand where the data needs to be distributed, and how it should display.

Once we have this understanding, we will work with you technical teams to develop a suitable strategic environment for consumption of your product information by other systems, platforms and channels. As you update your data, these changes are analysed, and your master data is updated. It is a seamless update, and reflects in the next synchronised version of your data. This way the Product information we distribute your customers and platforms is as up to date as your ERP master file.