Product Catalogue Management Platform

What It Means


In an E-commerce environment, most websites will  adopt a CMS (content management system)


Irrespective of the CMS you use, most of the work should go into the Product Information management, which can lessen hours of development, manual product information uploads and testing. Our system uses the data we maintain for you, and we display it in a easy to use format. From within our system you can do quotes, maintain the status of leads and store your customers data for easy access. Your customers can also use our system easily to create quotes using your products.


What We Do


We maintain all of your pricing and your rules, and then feed your product information in to our system.


We pride ourselves on the agility and simplicity of our technology. We are also able to generate reports for you, based on what information you would like to know, and based on our years of experience in many industries, we can also analyse the data to give you our insight into the consumption and use of your product information.