Find The Gap (Pty) Ltd – A Data Management Company

We're situated in Tyger Falls, Cape Town specializing in Master Data Management (MDM).

Master Data Repository (MDR)

MDM (Master Data Management) creates an environment where data can be handled in a single instance, removing duplicates, standardizing data (mass maintaining), and incorporating rules to eliminate incorrect data from entering a system in order to create an authoritative data source, i.e. price alterations, product updates, availability, etc.

In order to understand MDM, it is also necessary to define a Master Data Repository (MDR), which is referred to as a central point where data is held.  An MDR creates a single source for the most complete set of information, in this instance, pertaining to a product.  It also allows for a single point of reference, for multiple systems, to draw down on any or all information related to an item, i.e.  ERP, Website, Mobile Application, Touch Screen, etc. in the format required by the specific system.

Although we offer more than just the above, MDM is seen as the core of our business and the platform on which all our products have derived from.  Due to the fact that we operate in an ever-changing technological environment, we always strive to incorporate new products and solutions within our client offering and view this as exciting opportunities to create more efficient and streamlined solutions.